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Dr Paul E. Alexander Lists More Studies re Natural Immunity and Failure of Compulsory Interventions

Brownstone Institute published an article by Dr Paul E. Alexander that listed a number of studies that affirm natural immunity against COVID-19. By late October, this number reached 91.

Now, it has been updated to 140. This list is co-authored with five other doctors including Dr Harvey Risch and Dr Peter McCullough.

But that’s not all.

In recent weeks, Dr Alexander has provided another two lists of studies and articles:

On a related note, is a convenient website that tracks studies of the thirty or so drugs that can, as the evidence so far generally suggests, help treat so-called COVID-19.

Oh, I am sure every researcher listed is just a racist right-wing conspiracy theorist Trump supporter and that it’s just a massive coincidence that lamestream media has suppressed most if not all of it. Right.


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