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Study: “146K to 187K vaccine-associated US deaths”

A pre-print study by S. Pantazatos and H. Seligmann titled “COVID vaccination and age-stratified all-cause mortality risk” has found that there could be “146K to 187K vaccine-associated US deaths between February and August, 2021”.

This is somewhat consistent to other studies, including one by Dr Jessica Rose. It should be noted that this study does not rely on VAERS alone.

Cumulating the monthly model-estimated deaths across all significant results from the original models and from an additional 9 results from the two model variations mentioned above yielded a total of 146,988 deaths attributed to COVID vaccinations between February and August of 2021 (lower right cell of “Estimated Deaths” in Table 3). Applying the same procedure while thresholding the results at a more liberal threshold (p<0.05 uncorrected) yielded an estimated 168,908 vaccine-related deaths (Supplementary Table S7). The same procedure applied using standard linear regression with a stringent threshold (p<0.05 corrected) yielded 133,382 deaths attributed to vaccination (Supplementary Table S8), while thresholding these regression weights more liberally (p<0.05 uncorrected) yielded 187,402 vaccine associated deaths (Supplementary Table S9).

It also made the following observation regarding the timing of adverse events:

The mortality data from confirm previously known patterns in the vaccinated: a positive association with adverse events, including death, up to 5-6 weeks after the first injection, followed by a decrease in mortality associated with vaccination 6-20 weeks post-injection. The decrease is presumably due to the protective effect of vaccination, which is known to start 6 weeks after the first injection. The end of the protective vaccine period as observed in our data, about 20 weeks, corresponds approximately with the end of the protective vaccine period as generally accepted, 4-6 months (14).

As for children who are unvaccinated, a strange trend was noted too.

The 0-17 age group is peculiar in that it includes infants <1 years old. Infant deaths comprise the majority of deaths in this age group (12). Since infants are not vaccinated, it is hypothesized this effect could be attributed to vaccinations in the mother given a July, 2021 report that found 2,346 VAERS-reported cases were pregnant mothers at time of vaccination, 36% of whom experienced some type of pregnancy disorder (13). To further test this possibility, an additional regression in the <1 years of age group was run, and results were significant for the August model (p<0.05 corrected). The model estimated 667 infant deaths in the US during the month of August, 2021 may be attributed to vaccinations in July, 2021, while 1,227 deaths were estimated overall in the 0-17 age group (see light blue box, Table 2).

Table 3: Model-estimated deaths attributed to COVID vaccination for each age group and month.
Table 3: Model-estimated deaths attributed to COVID vaccination for each age group and month.

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