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Documentary: The Big Reset

The Big Reset is a documentary about the attempted execution of the “Great Reset” by entities such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) to bring about the so-called New World Order, using crises as a means. The focus is on the latest crisis: the COVID-19 plandemic.

Interviewing many experts in the field, including medical doctors, this documentary reviews the events of the so-called pandemic mostly in chronological order. The commentary on the events range from medical to social (psychological) and legal.

The gist of it is pointing out the convenient coincidences surrounding the events, narrative and players involved as well as the logical inconsistencies and constant suppression of other views. In other words, it all cannot be mere coincidences or accidents.

To those who have been following the events, there will probably be little that is new to them. Nevertheless, at approximately 2 hours 16 minutes in length, it serves as a decent presentation that is not too brief but contains enough substance for those who are somewhat unaware but have an open mind. To those who are less open… well, they would probably dismiss it as “conspiracy theory” and not bother anyway.

The Big Reset

There is, of course, much more easily accessible evidence that points to a conspiracy than what is covered. For a film that is over two hours long, it would be more effective if more specifics are included; for example, regarding the ineffectiveness of pandemic measures and vaccines, quotations from just a few of the numerous studies out there would enhance the message.

The film is available in French, English and Spanish, but it should be noted that many of those interviewed are French and Spanish speakers so be prepared to read subtitles. Those interviewed include Reiner Fuellmich, Luc Montagnier, Wolfgang Wodarg, Alexandra Henrion Caude, amongst others.

Below are some key points covered, merely in generalized form to give a sense of the film’s contents.

  • Entities like the WHO are funded by entities with ties to banks and big pharma, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

  • Event 201 pandemic exercise, which was also funded by Gates, was held just prior to COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 was not the first attempt at a plandemic. Obsolete epidemic models were used to make predictions which turned out to be excessive.

  • PCR test was not designed as a diagnostic tool, yet it was used to inflate COVID-19 cases.

  • Even accepting the official figures, the pandemic declaration and in turn the pandemic measures such as lockdowns were not justified.

  • Also, the definition of a “pandemic” was conveniently changed in recent years.

  • Mainstream media pushed a narrative of fearmongering to the point of having little logical consistency and “experts” contradicting their own past statements.

  • This included the use of medical journals to suppress the re-purposing of existing drugs.

  • Anyone who contradicted the mainstream narrative, even those highly qualified, was detracted and/or censored.

  • The mainstream narrative persisted despite contradictory evidence which is continuously suppressed; for example, the obvious ineffectiveness of lockdowns, masks and the so-called vaccines.

  • Mainstream media outlets are in fact owned by the same few entities.

  • Fact-checking organizations are funded by big pharma.

  • As for the relentless push to vaccinate the population, immense pressure is applied, psychological and economic. This includes the restriction of movement, restriction of access to shopping and work, and the offer of incentives, depending on the country.

  • mRNA jabs are not vaccines in the traditional sense. Contrary to the official claim, they can alter DNA.

  • Despite the ineffectiveness and lack of safety which is not reported on mainstream media and suppressed on social media, it was/is still pushed.

  • It is obvious that the implementation of the vaccine passport and its associated digital systems is the real or one of the real intentions.

  • MAC (Media Access Control) addresses from/on vaccinated individuals have been detected via Bluetooth.

  • DNA is programmable, a project which Microsoft worked on.

  • The discovery of graphene, a material used in nano-technology, points to the possibility of gene editing as well as digital applications such as identification and tracking. This is consistent to the WEF’s publicly stated intent to “merge the physical and biological”, which is a form or a key step in transhumanism and population control.


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