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Do It! Do It Now!

Did you all have a good 4th of July? Rah!

Did you, regulations permitting, have a blast with the fireworks (without starting a fire)? Rah!

Did you eat your share of burgers and fries? Wave the plastic flag? Rah!

I know I had my ton of fries. Rah!!!

But wait, that’s not all.

According to Biden, and I don’t who writes this stuff, getting vaccinated is the “most patriotic thing” one can do. Rah!!!

But the best defense against these variants is to get vaccinated. *cough My fellow Americans, it’s the most patriotic thing you can do. So please, if you haven’t gotten vaccinated, do it, do it now. For yourselves, for your loved ones, for your community, and for your country.

Do it! Do it now! Should I be reading these five words in a Palpatine or an Arnie voice? Arnie is arguably more American than Palps. But then again, governments today resemble Palpatine’s way of doing things, albeit with way less competency.

But I digress because we live in an age where getting vaccinated is something you should do “for your country”—I mean, apart from the evidence that the so-called vaccine doesn’t really work. Apart from that.

I really miss the good ol’ days when being patriotic for the ordinary person meant singing all the verses of the national anthem that no one else knows. Oh wait, never mind.


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