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Did Somebody Say “Shots”?

In February 2023, Australia was about to roll out the fifth shot of COVID-19 “vaccines”.

That’s right: fifth, which is one more than four and one less than six in case one has trouble counting. Hey, I’d lose count by now too.

But fret not, the FDA in the US, in order to “simplify the vaccination schedule for most individuals”, announced on 18 April 2023 that merely one will do.

Ok… I am sure there’s some science behind that. *cough*

So, sticking to the narrative for a second, what happens to people who have received two or more doses—some by having their jobs held hostage, by the way—and have subsequently suffered serious adverse reactions or are even dead? I mean, we’re not talking about shots of bourbon here.

But most would assume the dead can’t complain so it’s all good then.

Did Somebody Say “Shots”?

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