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Communist Victoria Announces Lifting of Vaccine Mandates

Apparently, the state of Victoria, Australia, has just announced that the vaccine mandate for most workers will be lifted on Friday, June 24. Well, apart from the people who had already taken them against their will. Of course, it is not entirely clear whether the two-dose mandate is still in place even if the third-dose mandate is not.

Victoria has seen some of the harshest rules imposed on its population which even pre-war Germany didn’t manage on hers (without denying they were particularly brutal on certain minority groups).

Credit to Voice For Victoria for covering the joke that is the committee hearings. They do some decent work, it’s worth following. In short, the politicians are criminally full of crap as if one didn’t already know.

Even with the lifting of the vaccine mandates, employers may still enforce them depending on how goodie-two-shoes they feel like being.

For now, should Victorians be thankful? To God, yes, but no point thanking the civil authorities, that would be like a hostage thanking the hostage taker for letting them go to the toilet after they had already soiled their pants.

I can’t tell anyone what to do but if I was an Aussie, I would consider peacefully protesting for changes in public health management, the immediate arrest of certain authority figures and bringing back the death penalty.

But don’t worry, China is churning out hypersonic missiles and aircraft carriers faster than any Aussie can fry a poorly made dim sum. They’ll probably do a better job at killing people anyway.

Commie Australia

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