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Bill Gates Is Sad that Omicron Is a Type of Vaccine

Bill Gates (MSC, 2022)
Bill Gates (MSC, 2022)

At the 2022 Munich Security Conference on 18 February, when asked to assess “where we are today in beating COVID-19”, self-proclaimed vaccine expert voodoo-doctor Gates answered:

“Sadly, the virus itself, particularly the… the variant called Omicron ah… is a type of vaccine, that is, it creates both B cell and T cell immunity and it’s done better job of getting out to the world population ah… than we have with vaccines...”

Oh dear, it’s sad that a variant is acting like and is more effective than a vaccine. A bit miffed that your plans for profit and control aren’t working out?

This c— also said that “we didn’t do a great job on therapeutics”.

Actually, plenty of doctors promoted therapeutics… but thanks for reminding us that c— like you and your friend Fauci deliberately demonized those options and the doctors who promoted them whilst pushing “vaccines” as well as useless and expensive drugs like Remdesivir, also known as “Run Death Is Near”.


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