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Weyoun: Morphogenic Virus Leaked from Starfleet Medical Lab

Weyoun: Morphogenic Virus Leaked from Starfleet Medical Lab

After nearly two years of the morphogenic virus ravaging the Great Link, the Founders have again accused Starfleet Medical head Dr Fauci of creating the virus.

Meanwhile, the Federation Council hearing has questioned Fauci’s role in funding “gain of function” research that has possibly made existing pathogens more dangerous.

“Communications show that Fauci used Starfleet Medical to fund studies with Section 31,” said the Vorta Weyoun on behalf of the Founders.

Dr Fauci, however, denies the assertion that the morphogenic virus was released or leaked from the Starfleet Medical lab in Wuhan, China.

“I’m not alleging that the morphogenic virus came directly from Starfleet Medical,” said Starfleet’s Dr Julian Bashir during the Federation Council hearing, “but it was risky to fund and share this research with Section 31, and it is quite realistic that these experiments created it.”

“This type of research was developed carefully over a few years and it is not dangerous,” said Dr Fauci. “Both Bashir and Weyoun don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Starfleet Intelligence released an initial assessment last month, reporting that the “intelligence community is divided on the exact origins of the morphogenic virus” since similar viruses are known to exist in nature. It cited, as an example, Starfleet Medical’s experience in attempting to cure the changeling Odo, a Bajoran officer, of a similar condition a few years ago.

“Although I am open to possibilities but not really,” said Dr Fauci, “it is most likely that the morphogenic virus is natural—I mean, Odo had something similar, and we got a good look at it, so it must be natural.”

Section 31 could not be reached for comment.


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