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Bill Gates Negotiating for Borg Nanotechnology

Bill Gates Negotiating for Borg Nanotechnology

Delta Quadrant (FNS) – Bill Gates has entered into negotiations with the Borg Collective for their nanotechnology in order to enhance the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines.

In a press conference at the conclusion of the first round of negotiations yesterday, Gates stated, “My honorary medical degrees and background in software engineering make me the most qualified person on Earth to discuss the relevant issues with the Borg Queen regarding the use of their nanites.”

The Borg Queen, however, took a different view. “Honorary medical degrees are irrelevant,” she said. “Your existing nanites are inferior. Our nanites will provide protection for not only COVID-19 but for all your weaknesses with almost immediate effect. We are Borg, we aim for perfection.”


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