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Animation Review: Pokémon Concierge

English Title: Pokémon Concierge

Japanese Title: ポケモンコンシェルジュ

Director(s): Ogawa Iku

Screenwriter(s): Doki Harumi

Studio: Dwarf Studios

Released: 2023

Runtime: 4 episodes, 12m–18m each.

Starring: Non, Fairouz Ai, Takemura Yoshiko, Okuno Eita, Kosaka Hiroshi

Pokémon Concierge

The plot follows a young woman named Haru who has had a bad week, particularly at work, so she leaves and gets a new job at the Pokémon Resort as a concierge.

At the island resort, Haru’s boss Watanabe tells her that her job is to look after the guests, humans and Pokémon, and to have fun as well. Haru is unsure whether this is a test—after all, it is supposed to be a job—but the theme is her finding out what she is good at.

Whilst Watanabe as the boss is a little unconventional, the two co-workers that Haru meets are somewhat cardboard but not annoyingly so. Although the theme of “finding yourself” is somewhat wishy-washy, at least there is also the theme of being sensitive to the needs of others.

Despite the themes being a little wishy-washy, the storytelling is sufficiently well-managed. The episodes are short but the pacing is good so each episode still feels full. The voice acting is solid. Ultimately, although I am not a Pokémon fan, the wonderful and real stop-motion animation makes it worth viewing.

Watanabe (R) giving Haru (L) instructions.
Watanabe (R) giving Haru (L) instructions.
Haru (L) getting to know Koduck (R).
Haru (L) getting to know Koduck (R).

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