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Advance Australia Fair?

If one believes the Daily Mail, a US-based Australian lady named Gillan Hannah returned to Australia after learning that her father was dying.

Under the current rules, those returning to Australia are supposed to quarantine at a hotel for 14 days.

But wait… Ms Hannah has been fully vaccinated and tested negative.

According to the article, Ms Hannah was offered a chartered flight which she would have had to pay for so she was in effect forced to communicate with her dying father online. Also, this was not the only case: another fully vaccinated lady was also initially denied leaving quarantine before being released.

Setting aside the argument of compassionate grounds for a minute, we have people who are fully vaccinated with a vaccine that is touted as “safe and effective” and tested negative upon arrival. They have followed the rules so they have to hotel quarantine because…?

Not to be insensitive to these individuals and families regarding their recent loss, but there are obvious wider implications here. If one receives the vaccine that is being aggressively pushed, does that mean one is then exempted from the restrictions? If not, then why?

I suspect these inconsistencies are at least partly intended as psychological warfare. But hey guys, you realize there is a degree of “marketing” in psychological warfare too, right? You’re not exactly convincing people to take the vaccine if they get nothing from it. You’re only betraying your agenda and stupidity more than before.

And by the way, I am not sure how all this is consistent with the Australian national anthem “Advance Australia Fair”.


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