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A Thought on Masking

Setting aside the scientific evidence for and against wearing face masks, I find it interesting how the narrative in lamestream media is always for the former. Now, it’s double masking. Right.

Some commentators have pointed out early in the plandemic that masking is not merely psychological conditioning for control, a symbol of oppression, an attempt to remove the face (individualism) but also has ritualistic significance. Ritual symbolism is another topic in itself, but certain occult rituals involve variations of masking, including full face masks, blindfolding etc.

Sean Stone (in a group interview with Robert David Steele of Public Intelligence Blog) made a passing comment—and a brilliantly simple one which I am paraphrasing—that masking, consistent to the NWO program of denying us the “right to life”, is basically doing just that since “life itself is breath”.

This reminded me of a few things and I would like to expand on this point. It is speculation.

Indeed, we are “God-breathed” creatures. (Genesis 2:7, Wisdom 15:11)

The name of God in Hebrew, also referred to as the tetragrammaton, is יהוה‎ or HWHY (Hebrew reads from right to left, so it is YHWH in English.)

Hebrew does not have vowels so, strictly speaking, we don’t know how it is pronounced. From what I have been told, pious Jews at the time wouldn’t have dared to say it out of respect, so “Yahweh” is basically a guess.

I have heard some people speculate that the “pronunciation” for YHWH is in effect the sound of breathing so that every breathing creature is constantly calling on the name of God.

If masking inhibits breathing, then it follows that it also inhibits the abovementioned. This is admittedly speculation in part but it is consistent to the mentality and program of satanic scum.


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