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“The Inter-Alpha Group: Nation-Killers for Imperial Genocide” by John Hoefle

“The Inter-Alpha Group: Nation-Killers for Imperial Genocide” by John Hoefle is an article first published in EIR Volume 37, Number 36 on 17 September 2010.

At nine pages, the article is not too long and easy enough to read. The opening paragraph pretty much tells it as it is:

The Inter-Alpha Group of Banks is an instrument of genocide. It was formed for the explicit purpose of destroying not only the existence, but the very concept, of national sovereignty—with the United States as its primary target—as a way of permanently reducing the population of the planet. The Inter-Alpha Group has played a crucial role in the destruction of the industrial base of the United States, and the subsequent transformation of our economy into a giant, and hopelessly bankrupt, casino.

The group was founded in 1971 but, according to the author, “the operation which launched it actually began in the latter stages of World War II” when the British Empire turned its attention to its next target: the US.

The group is run by Jacob Rothschild, initially with six banks: Kredietbank, Nederlandsche Middenstandsbank, Crédit Commercial de France, Banco Ambrosiano, Williams & Glyn’s Bank and BHF Bank. Privatbanken joined in 1972.

In 2003, three banks joined the group: Erste Bank, HVB (replacing BHF) and Société Générale (replacing Crédit Commercial de France). In 2005, UniCredit took over HVB which then left the group, subsequently replaced by Commerzbank.

The article’s focus is on the group and does not elaborate on other aspects of the wider plan or the detailed history of how the current financial system came about. The author does, however, first briefly go through some earlier European history. Amongst other things, he describes the British Empire as the

…latest incarnation of a maritime monetary system which has existed since the days of the Cult of Apollo, and has its immediate origins in a faction fight in Venice, in the late 1500s, when the Serenissima Repubblica was a major world power in its own name. The Giovani, or New Venetian Party, wanted to build up England and the Netherlands as maritime powers based upon the Venetian model, while the Vecchi, the Old Venetian Party, wanted to stick with the existing Mediterranean base. The Giovani began moving northward along the Rhine into Germany, the Low Countries, and England, taking with them enormous financial power. Although they often adopted the names and customs of their new locations, they remained Venetian by method and intent. They set up the Bank of Amsterdam, the Dutch East India Company, and the British East India Company. The latter eventually took over England to create the British Empire. As with Venice before it, the British Empire is based upon its ability to control monetary flows, and manipulate national currencies. …

The author labels the Bilderberg Group as a “fascist organization, whose sponsor, Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands, had been a card-carrying Nazi”. In short, there is a connection or overlap between the Bilderberg Group and the Inter-Alpha Group which runs the “world company”.

It was the Venetians, and the neo-Venetians of the British Empire, who created Mussolini and Hitler, and who organized fascist movements around the globe in the 1920s and 1930s, as part of their war against sovereignty. That includes in the United States, where the Anglophile bankers of Wall Street helped finance and organize their own fascist movements, including the American Liberty League—and tried to organize a coup against FDR.

Despite being an evil bastard, Adolf Hitler

…destroyed the carefully crafted illusion of fascism as a benevolent movement, forcing the bankers to retreat. Their commitment to imposing fascism remained, however, so they sought new ways to package it. The name they chose for their “new and improved” corporatist fascism was “globalization.” Same evil, but in a bright new box.

The section “Fascism, Take Two” outlines some events and players post-WWII and is particularly interesting. Amongst other things, it mentions the P-2 masonic lodge that ultimately infiltrated the Vatican at the highest levels but that is another topic.

The fascist connections were most flagrant in the case of Banco Ambrosiano, the founding Italian bank in the Inter-Alpha Group, which was tightly integrated with the Propaganda Due (P-2) Masonic Lodge in Italy. The P-2 Lodge was run by former Mussolini “Black Shirt” Licio Gelli, and was modeled on the earlier “universal fascist” Propaganda Uno (P-1) Lodge of Giuseppe Mazzini. Italian police investigations into the activities of P-2 found that both the lodge and its bank, Banco Ambrosiano, were involved in arms and drug trafficking, terrorism, neo-Nazi assassination groups, and the fascist paramilitary groups of NATO’s Operation Gladio. Control over P-2 was exercised through the Alpina Lodge of Switzerland, the Monte Carlo Lodge, and ultimately the “Mother Lodge,” the United Grand Lodge of England, headed at the time by HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, of the British royal family. The Alpina Lodge is interesting in its own right. Its members included Gelli; confessed British agent and U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger; and Club of Rome founder Aurelio Peccei. Although he was on the payroll of Banco Ambrosiano, Peccei is rightly more infamous as a genocidalist than a banker. His Club of Rome provided the “intellectual” foundation for the Empire’s genocide program worldwide, by conducting mass propaganda for the fraudulent “limits to growth” doctrine.

Not surprising is the mention of other players such as Henry Kissinger and the Club of Rome.

The author then goes on to describe the more recent tactics employed by the bankers, the already-mentioned “globalization”.

Globalization took a major step forward in 1986, with the “Big Bang” deregulation of financial markets in the City of London. Having launched the casino in New York during the 1970s, the Empire decided to bring it home to London, and turn the City into the new center of the global derivatives scheme. The banks of the U.S. and Europe would flock to London, where the rules were looser, and the regulators friendly. Even more than before, London became the financial center of Europe, and the center of globalization.

More specifically,

[t]he real power of the Inter-Alpha Group, however, lies not within the individual banks themselves, but in the changes the Inter-Alpha operation has made in the world economy. The Inter-Alpha project turned the global financial system into a giant casino, a playground for the investment banks, the speculative arms of the commercial banks, the hedge funds, and others, so they could gamble with their own—and everyone else’s—money. This casino would come to control some 70% of the world’s banking assets, directly or indirectly. In a sane and well-regulated banking system, commercial banks are mechanisms to help their local and regional economies grow. They use the deposits of their customers to fund loans that improve the functioning of the region…
The oligarchic model, as exemplified by the Inter-Alpha Group, works just the opposite way. Its network of banks is used to suck capital out of localities and into the global markets, where it can be used to speculate, manipulate, and subjugate the people of the planet. Such banks do not nurture their customer base, they loot it.

In other words, the usual debt-based economics applied globally using a “network” of banks as hitmen. The rest need not be repeated as it is in recent memory. The goal is to ruin nations and ultimately reduce the population to 2 billion people—including many of the bankers that it used to execute their plan—which, according to these psychopaths, is obviously much easier to manage. Other sources may have different numbers but the fundamental point is a significant reduction in population for the purposes of control.

No doubt some will dismiss this as a “conspiracy theory” but, at minimum and at best, banks manipulating and executing policy for their own gain, whether working individually and/or in concert with others, is hardly a secret and is sufficiently clear.


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