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The Consensus of the Fathers and Theologians by Fr Chad Ripperger

This is a 35-page book (or more like a booklet) that defends the weight of the consensus of the Church Fathers and Theologians.

The Consensus of the Fathers and Theologians by Fr Chad Ripperger

The text is organized into an introduction, 7 chapters, a conclusion and a bibliography. It is in effect a brief essay that discusses and critiques the views on the subject. The author assumes the reader already knows the basics. It does briefly mention what a Father and Theologian is.

A Father lived during the early centuries of the Church, generally ending with Pope St Gregory the Great (d. 604) for the West and St John Damascene (d. 754) for the East [although there is some variation]. A Father must have lived a saintly life, his writing free from heresies and be approved by the Church.

A Theologian, not to be confused with the generic term using lowercase, is one who taught at theology schools approved by the Church from 1100 to 1750.

In short, as distinct from the “active infallibility” of when the pope speaks ex cathedra and the general Magisterium the Church, the consensus of the Fathers and Theologians enjoys “passive infallibility”. This does not apply to each individual Father and Theologian but to the unanimity of their consensus when there is such consensus.

In other words, there is such a thing as Holy Tradition and it matters.

Although short and some of the basics could use a brief explanation, it is an interesting and educating read. This is not surprising considering Ripperger actually seems like an educated priest and exorcist who knows what he’s talking about.


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