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The Chip

Finally, someone has revealed the chip.

60 Minutes has a marketing piece titled “Military Programs Aiming to End Pandemics Forever”.

In this segment, Dr Matt Hepburn of DARPA introduces a subdermal implant that is a “tissue-like gel engineered to continuously test your blood”. It’s basically a sensor and transmitter.

Well, that’s nice.

To be fair, the self-administered blood draw and the onsite testing, if it can truly spit out an accurate result for a given disease in five minutes, are potentially helpful. The dialysis filter that can filter out viruses is also interesting. Apart from that, others projects are vaguely discussed, never actually telling us how it works, not even in general terms. Of course, the segment has to end with mentioning a vaccine that can work for the entire family of coronaviruses and any future variants which we may encounter.

More vaccines. Great.


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