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Study: COVID Vaccines & Strokes—207x Worse than All Other Vaccines

A pre-print study by C. Rogers, J.A. Thorp, K. Cosgrove and P.A. McCullough titled “COVID-19 Vaccines: A Risk Factor for Cerebral Thrombotic Syndromes” posted on 18 June 2024 compares adverse events of cerebral thrombosis due to COVID-19 vaccines to other vaccines.

The paper is 10 pages long with the main text at about 8 pages.

This retrospective cohort study analyzed data from the US CDC, FDA and VAERS. The study period was from 1 January 1990 to 31 December 2023, “thus yielding 3 years (36 months) of COVID-19 vaccine data and 34 years (408 months) for all other vaccines.”

The analysis included 12 “symptoms” which belong to three clinically distinct categories of cerebral thrombosis: cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT), cerebral thrombosis undetermined as to arterial or venous etiology (CTU) and cerebral arterial thrombosis (CAT).

Table 1 reproduced below summarizes the raw data for the 12 symptoms. As one can see, despite the relatively short period, COVID-19 vaccine adverse events over 36 months outweigh those of all other vaccines over 408 months.

Table 1
Table 1

If proportion given the number of doses and time is considered across all three categories of cerebral thrombosis, then the proportional reporting ratio (PRR) for COVID-19 vaccines versus flu vaccines is 1120 (95% CI, 723–1730) and for COVID-19 vaccines versus all other vaccines is 207 (95% CI, 144–296).

In other words, when it comes to cerebral thrombosis, COVID-19 “vaccines” are 1120 times worse than flu vaccines and 207 times worse than all other vaccines (which includes flu vaccines).

Also worth noting is atrial fibrillation which “is the most common identifiable risk factor for cerebral arterial thromboembolism which is one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality globally.” The period analyzed was from 1 January 1990 to 26 April 2024 which yields 41 months for COVID-19 vaccines and 412 for all other vaccines.

There are 9,821 reports of atrial fibrillation after COVID-19 vaccines in 41 months compared to 797 cases reported in 412 months for all other vaccines combined. The Proportional Risk Ratio (PRR) for atrial fibrillation associated with COVID-19 vaccines compared to all other vaccines is 123 with a 95% confidence interval 88.3–172, p < 0.0001.

In short:

There is an alarming breach in the safety signal threshold concerning cerebral thrombosis AEs after COVID-19 vaccines compared to that of the influenza vaccines and even when compared to that of all other vaccines.

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