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Study: 16.5% Vaccinated Tested Positive for COVID-19, Only 20% Did Not Report Respiratory Symptoms

A Saudi Arabian study published on 12 September 2023 titled “Period Prevalence of COVID-19 and Influenza Symptoms in 2022 Among Adults in Jazan, Saudi Arabia” by I.M. Gosadi et al has found that so-called COVID-19 vaccines are useless even if they may not initially look like it to some.

The purpose of the study is to actually look at influenza symptoms given its similarities to COVID-19, the risk of concurrent infection, and the low uptake of the influenza vaccine due to “fear of side effects”. By the way, the authors admit that “definitive diagnoses of the diseases can only be made by laboratory testing”.

There were 625 participants, all adults in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. There were 218 (34.9%) male and 407 (65.1%) female. The mean age was 23 years. As for location, the city-and-village split was even.

Only 58 (9.3%) were current smokers and 22 (3.5%) were previously smokers. Some of the others claimed second-hand smoking. As for chronic health conditions, 38 (6.1%) had diabetes and 73 (11.7%) were obese, amongst others. The point is that this is a relatively young and not-too-unhealthy group.

Of the 625 participants, 620 received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose with 487 (78.5%) having received three and 119 (19.2%) having received two. Pfizer is the most popular, with about 70% of the first and second doses, and about 50% of the third doses. Merely 80 (13%) received the influenza vaccine in 2022.

The results:

A majority of the participants reported suffering from respiratory symptoms in 2022, and only one fifth reported not experiencing any respiratory symptoms.

For example, 269 (43%) reported a fever and 273 (43.7%) reported a sore throat. Females were more likely to report symptoms. Of those who reported symptoms, only 114 (18.2%) reported a single incidence with the others reporting multiple incidences.

There were 212 (33.9%) confirmed cases of influenza and 103 (16.5%) for COVID-19 and 50 (8%) for both. The paper does not state that the others were lab-tested and found to be negative.

There strangely does not appear to be a questionnaire regarding respiratory symptoms in previous years for the sake of comparison. So, this study does not have data to suggest that COVID-19 vaccines are ruining the recipient’s immunity but one has to wonder…

In any case, 103 confirmed COVID-19 cases when the majority of the 625 had received two or three doses is not “effective”. (And that’s not including the 50 who got both.)

Table 3: Frequency of experiencing respiratory symptoms in 2022 among 625 adult participants in Jazan, Saudi Arabia.
Table 3: Frequency of experiencing respiratory symptoms in 2022 among 625 adult participants in Jazan, Saudi Arabia.

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