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Stop Playing Video Games and Actually Go Do Something

Early this morning (EDT) Elon Musk tweeted this:

Sadly, he has a point. But that’s because, in my humble opinion, video games—when treated more like a religion than a hobby—have the tendency to emasculate men. They also distance men from reality. There’s a fourth wall that you cannot break when playing them. And conversely, no one can see you (unless you’re an attention whore who cares more about how many eyes you can attract over decency and decorum).

The problem is that the men, for lack of a better term, that Musk is referring to don’t care about that tweet. At best, they will laugh it off and continue to yell at their monitors. I personally know way too many of these types of guys and it’s sad to see what they allow games to do to them.

But the solution is simple. Put down the controller. Set aside the mouse and keyboard. Get up. Open the door. Step outside. Breathe. Even if you’re in Los Angeles. Instead of playing NFL24 or FIFA or NHL or GTA or Call of Duty or whatever games are popular and time-consuming and money-draining and life-sucking, go out and actually do the thing those games are based on.

Go play football or soccer or hockey. Don’t know anyone else who plays? Go out and find those people. Most team sports athletes welcome new players with open arms, especially when someone new with enthusiasm is interested in playing their sport.

Now obviously I’m not suggesting that devoted GTA players go out and steal cars and drive them into gangsters and prostitutes or shoot up a police station. But get out and go to a gun range. Rent a gun and a lane and feel the immense power of a weapon that commands respect, attention, and discipline. Find a place where you can throw knives and axes. Find a raceway where you can rent race cars.

Same for you CoD guys or any shooter games. Don’t actually go out and shoot people but get into paintballing or do the range thing aforementioned.

And for you fantasy RPG players, this one is a little harder to tackle but vitally more important to fix. You are the worst of the worst when it comes to emasculated male gamers. Put down the game asap. Get your head out of the clouds or the dungeon or whatever make-believe world it’s in and stop investing in something that will never materialize in the real world. (I get it, a lot of people make a killing streaming their gaming on this and all the other genres of games) but money and fame are not worth it when you lose so much more consuming all your energy on games.

Women are supposed to fantasize. Men are supposed to take those fantasies and make them real, or futilely die trying. That’s your new role. Now go out and do it!


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