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Singapore Not Counting Sinovac Vaccinees as Vaccinated

Singapore is reportedly excluding those who received the Chinese Sinovac vaccine for COVID from its tally.

Singapore’s health minister Ong Ye Kung apparently said, “We don’t really have a medical or scientific basis or have the data now to establish how effective Sinovac is in terms of infection and severe illnesses on Delta.”

I admit that I laughed. After all, if we can’t trust baby milk formula from China, then why should we trust a vaccine? Personally, I don’t even trust soy sauce from China, but that’s just me.

Having said that, Singapore has been using and still is using Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and there is evidence they’re not effective against Delta either.

So, is this merely a fellow Asian’s spite and/or distrust of the Chinese? Or is there another motive?

I don’t know.

However, there is one interesting point that should be noted: both the Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines for COVID are inactivated vaccines with an adjuvant, not mRNA vaccines.

I don’t know what the adjuvant specifically is (I think it is aluminum hydroxide, which can cause problems, but don’t quote me) and what else is in them. I don’t know if the whole or a fraction of the virus is used for the inactivated version. But they are not mRNA vaccines. They are not even live-attenuated vaccines. The phase 1 and 2 clinical trials of Sinovac weren’t impressive, and I wouldn’t trust it, but at least both Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines resemble traditional vaccines and can still be called a “vaccine”.

Still pushing mRNA “vaccines” now, are we?


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