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Pass Me the Hypospray

ePatch (Photo: Georgia Tech; Candler Hobbs)
ePatch (Photo: Georgia Tech; Candler Hobbs)

A new article at the World Economic Forum (WEF) titled “A BBQ lighter has inspired a new way to deliver vaccines” touts the latest development of a medical device that is basically a pen-sized electroporator with microneedles powered by the hand. It is dubbed “ePatch”.

While electroporation is commonly used in the research lab using short electric pulses to drive molecules into cells, the technique currently requires large, complex, and costly equipment, severely limiting its use for vaccine delivery. The new approach does the job using a new pen-size device that requires no batteries and can be mass produced at low cost.

To my knowledge, electroporation is used to introduce DNA, RNA, mRNA and whatnot into cells, which is fine if and when it is necessary. And I am all for the development of technology, medical or otherwise, that can benefit people. It reminds me of the hypospray as seen in the TNG era of Star Trek, which is cool.

Unfortunately, during this plandemic, it’s all about making it easier to deliver the mRNA vaccine and although I don’t think the WEF is actually involved, their interest is not a good sign.

According to researchers, tests on mice using an experimental COVID-19 DNA vaccine yielded “an almost tenfold improved immune response over intramuscular immunization or intradermal injection without electroporation”.

Well, immune response is not the same as working immunity… But anyway, the researchers are currently studying whether it will work for mRNA vaccines. In any case, I wouldn’t want something that can play with my genes to be too easily available and easily used.

Hypospray (Courtesy of Paramount)
Hypospray used on the USS Defiant. (Paramount 1995)

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