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Man Wears Light-Sensitive Badge to Count Photos at Parties

Los Angeles, CA – A man wore a light-sensitive badge that acts as a counter for photos so he can limit the number of photos taken of him at social gatherings.

“I got the idea from radiation badges, which I wear at the office to warn me of toxic co-workers.” said the man. “But then I got the idea to alter the badge for the visible spectrum.”

The result is a badge that is sensitive to the flash used in photography.

“Every time there is a flash, it registers on my badge and the counter goes down,” said the man. “It’s not perfect, and there are people who don’t use flash, but it more-or-less tells me how many photos left, and saves me the trouble of telling people to stop taking photos of me.”

The badge has the words “PHOTOS REMAINING” on top of the number.

“I’m not totally anti-social but I don’t like too many photos of me floating around on social media,” said the man, “especially photos with people I don’t know.”

When asked what is the limit for the badge, the man indicated that it can be set to fifty but he “usually sets it to five”.

Man Wears Light-Sensitive Badge to Count Photos at Parties

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