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Man Sets LED Candles on Fire

Los Angeles, CA – A local resident almost set his house on fire after setting alight his entire eight-piece set of LED candles.

Man Sets LED Candles on Fire

“My wife bought them awhile ago. We have no power and I guess I forgot they were electric candles,” said the man.

Given the power outages, the man lit the LED candles, setting the plastic candles on fire.

“I knew something was a bit off when they smelled like burning plastic and didn’t look like melting wax,” he said.

Fortunately, there was a fire extinguisher in the house, which his wife used to put out the candles before the fire spread.

“I’m glad I bought the thing,” said the man. “It was partly because it was small and perfect for home defense against criminals, and partly to put out any dumpster fires—I mean, Newsom is the governor.”

The wife, however, has other ideas. “As upset as I am about those candles, I’m thinking of setting that Newsom motherf— on fire.”


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