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Man Realizes His Children’s Toy Money is Worth More

Man Realizes His Children’s Toy Money is Worth More

Los Angeles, CA – A father of two just realized his children’s toy money is worth more than his real money.

“I got home from work and I saw my daughter, who’s only three, at the table counting cash, real cash!” said the man. “She was flipping through twenty-dollar bills. I didn’t even know she was so good at counting.”

When the man asked her daughter where she had got the money, she answered that she sold some of her Barbie money to her friends.

But the man was to have another shock.

He went to the bathroom to wash his face and, as he exited, he saw his five-year-old son also flipping through bills.

Man Realizes His Children’s Toy Money is Worth More

“I thought he was helping his sister count but when I asked, he said that he sold a ton of his Lego two-by-one money tiles,” said the man. “Some classmates were desperate so he sold them at inflated prices.”

The man then asked his children if they were into crypto but they apparently gave him a funny look and answered that they “weren’t that effing stupid”.


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