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Documentary: Shot Dead

This is a documentary directed by Teryn Gregson and edited by Jason Kabrich and Avery Kabrich released on 9 November 2023 about the deaths of young people who have received the COVID-19 vaccines. It is a short and succinct film at approximately 1 hour 8 minutes.

The structure is simple, it alternates between the three families of victims telling the stories of their loss and three medical professionals giving their views on how the vaccines are harmful and deadly.

To those who have been following this whole vaccine mess, one will unlikely find new information. It seems this film is more aimed at waking up those who aren’t.

The courage of the victims’ families telling their stories is appreciated and I do not wish to belittle their loss but as with any documentary that features personal accounts, it may occasionally come across as a little cheesy. This admittedly cannot be entirely avoided and the producers are commended for at least not overdoing it.

Either way, following medical papers and journals regarding the subject is one thing, personal accounts with faces is another, and this documentary provides the audience with that opportunity.

Adding weight to the film is Dr Peter McCullough speaking about heart conditions and Dr James Thorp about fetal malformations and other conditions. In short, the spike proteins cause inflammation, damaging organs and having a detrimental effect on fetal development. And of course, these so-called vaccines were approved without sufficient testing and Pfizer’s own documents which it tried to suppress are incriminating.

Particularly noteworthy is the testimony of Michelle Gershman, a registered nurse from California. She has 6 years of experience, her first three years were as a cardiac nurse and the last three years in postpartum.

In her experience, prior to March 2021, she saw “maybe one or two fetal demises every couple of months”. After March 2021, she saw “one or two per week” which has since increased. She noticed a pattern: a mother (nearly full-term) would receive the vaccine and then one week later deliver a dead baby. She also saw an increase in health problems for both mothers and babies.

Dr McCullough, Dr Thorp and Gershman also voice their concern if not disgust regarding the apparent lack of regard for safety in the increasing number of vaccines in the children’s schedule.

Overall, it is a decent production and the film is easily accessible. The main weakness of the film is that with two highly experienced doctors who are capable of explaining things to the layman, the producer could have asked them to explain some of the health conditions and possible mechanisms in more detail with corresponding graphics. This may be a documentary about the misery and death these so-called vaccines are causing rather than medical science, but such detail would be helpful.

Shot Dead

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