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Do This Fun Exercise During Your Movie-Watching Experience

Are you tired of your favorite band lecturing you on social issues? Do you cringe at every daytime and nighttime talk show host spewing hot propaganda? Movies and TV shows just not doing it for you anymore? Well, I have a method that will hopefully bring the joy back into movie night with the misses or the kids or the first date or by yourself, because why not?

The entertainment industry no longer entertains. It indoctrinates, and has been for quite some time. Yet, they have gotten a lot bolder in recent years, to the point where their sales pitch is pretty obvious, and for most of America, we ain't buying what they're selling.

Most of us just want to sit on the couch and enjoy some mindless fun from time to time. Whether it be listening to music, reading a good book, or watching a movie, sometimes even the most proactive, alpha individuals love to veg out for a moment here and there. But if you've tried to do that with any of the recent forms of entertainment lately, you might find it impossible to be, well...entertained.

Instead, you feel inundated with nonsense, or worse yet, insanity. Orange Man bad this and Orange Man bad that, do your part to combat climate change or racism or whatever the new thing is. Don't wait, vaccinate. Mixed-race White and Black couples are the new norm. Guns are bad. Defund the police. Dancing nurses are heroes. Masculinity is toxic. Feminism is the way. Role reversal is in. God is dead. Euthanasia and abortion are life! Am I getting it right?

And at any chance the movie's narrative got, they would vilify Cal over and over again. By the second act, any normal movie-watcher hated Cal and everything he stood for. Of course, I started taking a liking to him.

Well, I remember last Thanksgiving, I was basically ostracized from the family dinner. My aunt had to hold a lunch for the unvaccinated, bless her heart, which included my family of four, my aunt and her husband, his ex-wife, and my grandmother, and that's it. Dinner usually has anywhere from 30-40 people, all of whom love and adore my family and least, they did up until last year.

THANKS...for nothing.

Anyway, during Thanksgiving lunch, the movie The Titanic was playing in the background. You know, one of the all-time largest-grossing films starring climate change darling, Leo DiCaprio and some other people. Normally, I would have changed the channel or left the room, but something was telling me to watch it. Being somewhat upset at my extended family while sitting at a mostly empty table, I figured I needed something to get my mind off of things.

So I tuned in and saw Jack (played by DiCaprio) and Rose (played by Kate Winslet) going through the courting motions, being young and dumb, all innocent enough. But then I noticed the peculiar character, Caledon Hockley (played by Billy Zane). He had dark features and the classic evil villain visage. And at any chance the movie's narrative got, they would vilify Cal over and over again. By the second act, any normal movie-watcher hated Cal and everything he stood for. Of course, I started taking a liking to him. He was rich and this was a movie for lovers of the common man. He was heir to the throne of a monopoly and this was a movie for lovers of the common man. He was handsome and outspoken and this was... you get it.

The more I watched the movie, the more I began cheering for Cal. The more I cheered for Cal, the more enjoyable the movie became. Now, don't get me wrong. Cal is not perfect. He lied about having a child so he could sneak onto a lifeboat. And he took the coward's way out by killing himself after losing his fortunes during the stock market crash of '29. But I gained some pretty interesting insight into movie-watching (and it probably works for books and other storytelling methods that use the hero vs. villain format).

If you are tired of woke storytelling, try cheering for the antagonist rather than the protagonist and watch how much more enjoyable, if not at least bearable, the story is.

Going on a date and want to take the girl to the new Star Wars movie, but you know you're going to be hit in the face with two-plus hours of female protagonism and inclusive casting? Use this method of story-watching.

Stuck on a cross-country flight? Yeah, all the media is horse manure. Use this method.

Do the kids just need to watch the latest Disney movie for the hundredth time? Use this method.

Waiting in the emergency room, or getting your teeth cleaned and the dentist has the flatscreen mounted to the ceiling? Use this method.

I'm telling you, it works. Why does it work? I'll tell you that too.

It works because everyone in the storytelling business, aka mainstream media, belongs to the cultural hive mind that has been dictated by liberals and their quest to bring social justice to all. I know because I have a degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment (oh, how I long for those three years back, and the money that went with them).

When I was somewhat liberal and the political and cultural climate was much tamer than it is today, my fictional short stories were published all the time. But as I started veering more toward the right and becoming more of a believer in God, it seemed the writing industry was becoming more liberal and inclusive of a lot more than just your garden variety case of racism, classism, and sexism, and I was finding that my stories were not getting published as often as before. One, because they were probably becoming more conservative in nature, but also because I was not making a point to include things like a trans minority as a lead character, a gay couple being affectionate, or a feminist calling out the patriarchy.

These were things editors were starting to look for in stories. They purposely look for woke protagonists, and villains that resemble your traditional characters, like normal males and females or the nuclear family, etc. So, we traditional humans are being vilified in modern storytelling. We are being replaced by the fringes of society and the storytellers are trying to make them the new norm. They're trying to brainwash us into thinking these cultural and societal outliers should be accepted and celebrated., while at the same time trying to get us to hate ourselves and the way we live, which has worked for most of humanity.

So, for me, it's easy to watch a mainstream movie or TV show, or read a new book or whatever, and not cheer for the protagonist, and instead root for the antagonist, which is more likely someone like me.

But this is just a bandaid. If more people don't start changing the narrative, it'll continue on this cultural crash course. I guess I—having a degree in this stuff—should put my money where my mouth is! This is a good first start, no?

Remember, root for the antagonist and against the protagonist next time you go to the movies or read a graphic novel, or for anything on the MSM, and let me know how it works for you!


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