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Curb Your Un-enthusiasm

Credit to enVolve for the initial report on the “Pride in the Park” event by North Idaho Pride Alliance (NIPA) where, amongst all the stalls, the satanic group TSTIdaho was supposed to be present. Apparently, they offered to perform “unbaptisms”.

At a glance, I cannot find photos of this group on their own or NIPA’s facebook page related to the event, so I am uncertain if this group ended up attending. But that is beside the point. I find it “funny” that some are so concerned about baptisms that they don’t actually look into what it is before they go on about “unbaptisms”.

Assuming the baptism is valid (and that is another discussion), one could simplistically say that it confers two things:

  1. A baptismal character (whatever that is) is impressed on the soul which is indelible. This “character” does not imply salvation being guaranteed. No doubt it will be a source of joy for the saved and a source of pain for the damned.

  2. The indwelling of the Holy Ghost that gives supernatural life. This can be lost through some serious sin, referred to as “mortal sin” as opposed to the less serious “venial sin” (1 John 5), so contrition and confession are necessary to restore this.

In other words, if a validly baptized individual really wants to go downstairs, one can do so anyway. They don’t need an “unbaptism”. And if one changes their mind, they don’t need a “re-baptism”. If people only focused their enthusiasm on… Never mind.

And speaking of enthusiasm, it is interesting to see certain so-called christian groups at the event. Curious where they draw the line between accepting people with charity and encouraging questionable behavior by participating in a “pride” event, especially that “ecumenical catholic” crowd. Also curious what they thought of “unbaptisms”.


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