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Children are Not Immune from The Cultural Divide

They are safer from the virus than the ramifications caused by it.

I am a toddler parent and I live in a swing state that swung blue this past election. At least, that’s what they told us. My family has been fortunate enough though. We were born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to New York City for work. But we no longer reside in either cesspool. We moved away from Brooklyn in 2016 just in time to help our new state swing red that election. I thought things would just continue right along. But that’s the downside of living in a swing state, there’s no political guarantee.

Now, with the pandemic, and the even worse mentality and side effects that have occurred from it, my state is one of those that don’t really know what to do and therefore isn’t willing to take a stand one way or another. Some things are going back to normal, some things are holding onto caution. Schools seem to be one of the latter group. My daughter is fast approaching 3-years old and her other two friends are already in daycare, looking to get into pre-school. Their parents have no problems putting a mask on their child, nor do they have issues with giving them the gene therapy jab. I, on the other daycare, think both are ignorant and dangerous at best, child abuse at worst.

I have been searching all over to find a school that does not require their students wear masks. I cannot find a single one. Not even Catholic schools and daycares. There aren’t any activities she can do without a mask either. Soccer? Nope. Even though the pitch is outdoors and the survival rate for children is 99.9997%, all Kid’s soccer leagues require the players wear masks even on the field.

We’ve been fortunate, as I’ve said before. We’ve been on no less than 10 different flights since she’s turned 2 years old and not once were we ever stopped and told to put a mask on her. We’ve been to countless restaurants, shopping malls, parks, etc. and no one has ever said anything to us. I am also truthful to anyone who asks whether we are “vaccinated” or not. I always answer with an emphatic, “no,” and that usually ends any other inquiries. Most people are respectful and don’t want to go there in the first place.

But that is not my issue. My issue is that institutions are making it harder and harder to not be divided culturally. See, to me, this is a cultural thing, a social thing that has less to do about science and medicine than it does virtue signaling, and belonging to a group-think mindset. People are always looking for ways to be a part of THE club. This club just so happens to accept normal, everyday people, so long as you put your faith in certain beliefs.

I will never approve of anyone administering the COVID shot to my daughter. Not even if it is approved by the FDA. I will inform her when she’s old enough to understand that choices have consequences, no matter how menial they may seem on the surface. There’s a reason why California has allotted over $100M of cash prizes for those who take the shot. There’s a reason why they are offering children ice cream at places like libraries where kids often go without parents. They want everyone and everything to have this shot. Why? More people die from the flu. All the other diseases we get vaccines for are far more deadly. Where are the incentives for getting those vaccines?

Why is there a shunning of people not willing to be guinea pigs, not willing to be experimented on? Why are we being singled out and denied access to public places? The last thing I want is to enroll my daughter in a school, only for other students and teachers to treat her differently for not wearing a mask that not even the proclaimed “professional” himself can definitively answer makes any difference whatsoever, especially in children.

Every child I have observed wearing a mask, does so out of fear. Fear of not being like other kids. Fear of their parents. Fear of being responsible for something they shouldn’t have the weight to bear. But one thing I’ve seen is that they really don’t fear the virus itself. No kid should. Kids should feel invincible, especially if they are healthy. When they get sick, they get angry and annoyed, and before they know it, they are well again. They’re hardly ever afraid. Fear is something that comes later.

That is why I believe it's child abuse. Because it instills a fear in children that shouldn’t be there. I don’t want to resort to homeschooling my daughter because she is a light that the world needs. She wants to share and experience things with others. I would be doing her a disservice by keeping her home and away from other people. But as the unnecessary fear still drives our institutions’ policies, I might be doing more than just a disservice by sending her to these brainwashing camps disguised as schools, I might be subjecting her to abuse the likes of which she might never recover.


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