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Big Sister is Watching You by Texe Marrs

Big Sister is Watching You: Hillary Clinton and the White House Feminists Who Now Control America—And Tell the President What to Do, first published in 1993, is a short book on just that.

Big Sister is Watching You by Texe Marrs

The title and thesis are based on the answer given by Hillary Clinton in an interview with Parade magazine when asked what writers influenced her political thinking. Her answer: “I was fascinated by Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. Both Brave New World and 1984 were scary to me.”

Obviously, the author does not come to the conclusion that she is “Big Sister” based on that one quote. The book is organized into five (5) parts, each part divided into short sections of a few pages. These sections typically cover a quote and/or some report on an incident or a connection to Hillary Clinton.

The fifth and final part titled “Bad Company” is in effect a collection of personal profiles of those the Clintons associate with or have nominated/appointed, and the agenda they promote, such as the New World Order or one of its facets, anything from homosexuality to abortion to pagan/new-age/occultic environmentalism.

Although the book is short and it is clear the author is quite selective with what he presents—and one cannot deny the possibility that such a selection may be a form of slanting even if it is unintended—the material is self-evident. There is no secret or previously classified material. Much of it is from mainstream media and, in any case, references and citations are provided. I personally wouldn’t consider this book an overview but rather a snapshot.

A few interesting points:

  • Bill Clinton was “fascinated and frightened” by Hillary.

  • According to Time magazine, presidential aides reported that the phrase “Hillary said” is equivalent to an executive order.

  • Hillary didn’t get along with Bill’s family.

  • According to Lurleen Stackhouse as reported by Washington Week: Hillary (not hearing my comment) then came to give me a hug and I said (in a voice only audible to her), ‘Hillary, it’s against God’s law to kill babies.’ She stepped back, shaking and trembling, and then grabbed my arm. Her countenance transformed from a pleasant demeanor to the appearance of being possessed. Her eyes were enraged as she replied, ‘It is God’s law to kill babies.’

  • It has been claimed that according to Secret Service personnel’s stories, she is “bisexual and fools around more than her husband”.

  • The Clinton administration made proposals for a universal registration program for infants and to issue a “smart card” to every US citizen, no doubt to manage “healthcare”.

  • She has given significant sums of money to left-wing organizations.

  • Hillary claimed to have chats with Eleanor Roosevelt, who supported left-wing and communist organizations and a “confirmed lesbian”.

  • Clinton administration selected Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the Supreme Court. She had ties to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and both pushed the liberalist agenda.

  • Prosecutor Janet Reno (and AG during the Clinton administration) helped cover voting fraud of local elections when voting machines were tampered with and rigged. Also, she ordered the massacre at Waco.

  • Hillary’s Yale University Law School classmate Margaret Richardson was head of IRS during the Clinton administration.

  • Donna Shalala was Secretary of Health and Human Services during the Clinton administration. As chancellor at the University of Wisconsin, she promoted a “hate speech” code that even the ACLU thought was excessive. Shalala was elected to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and promoted abortion.


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