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Twitter’s Trust & Safety Council Members Resign Now That They Have to Focus on Safety

San Francisco, CA – Several members of Twitter’s Trust & Safety Council have resigned due to Elon Musk’s priority change that tries to focus on child safety.

“Now we have to actually take down posts that exploit children instead of taking down the hate speech against them,” said Anne Collier who resigned in protest.

Eirliani Rahman, who also resigned, added, “It’s so sad. We tried so hard to reduce hate speech and all that, but to stop child traffickers… we’ve never done that, it’s like civilization is going backwards.”

As for Lesley Podesta, her reasons are a little more personal. “Like my former colleagues, I’m all for free speech when it suits me,” she said. “But seriously, I just want to distance myself from anything related to children—I mean, I’m certainly not related to that John Podesta Molesta so I don’t want to be anywhere near him when he’s lined up against the wall for whatever pedo stuff he’s accused of.”


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