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Dare to Prepare by Holly Drennan Deyo

Dare to Prepare by Holly Drennan Deyo

This enormous volume has over 600 pages of useful information about prepping, small and big. If you are merely interested in small-scale prepping or are just getting started, then there are plenty of online articles out there already and only a relatively small portion of this book is applicable. Nonetheless, if you want to know breath and at least some depth, then this is a convenient single-volume text. By the way, the first few chapters deal with getting started so it is still useful to the beginner prepper.

Amongst other topics, it covers emergency water treatment, large-scale water treatment, finding and storing water, soapmaking, candlemaking, charcoal making, fire building, composting, shelf life of foods and non-foods, the real shelf life of medication, growing food, preserving and storing food, cleaning supplies, pets, communications, generators, earthquakes, bio-warfare, and nuclear emergencies, including how to build shelter.

This book is self-published so the design lacks the polish of a professional production, but it is clear and it is printed and bounded properly. Both the table of contents and index are extensive which is helpful. More importantly, Mrs (and Mr) Deyo seems to know the subject well.

This mini-review is based on the 4th edition released in 2011. The latest is the 6th edition released in 2018.


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