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Be Grateful, Be Vigilant, Be Open-minded and Things Will Be Okay

So, we've begun 2021 with the continuation of COVID lockdowns, whatever small threads of hope that Trump could reverse the election results snipped away, and a likely all libtard government taking over later this month.

If you want my honest opinyun, I really think things are going to be okay. Sounds silly but let me explain:

A lot of us, here at Opinyuns, were fans of Q or Qanon, myself included. I discussed Q recently with FatMan just to get his take on things and whether or not he felt it was all a psyop or a bunch of Cloak and Dagger games. He wasn't sure, but he did give some great perspective. He said that if it wasn't for Q, he probably wouldn't have changed his mind about liberals, the left, democrats, whatever you want to call them. Q had opened his mind to the conservative perspective, and more importantly, God and Jesus Christ.

We share this appreciation for Q. I came to the right before knowing about Q, but Q helped me see the battle of good vs evil, which helped me find Jesus Christ, along with Simian Practicalist, who's been my own personal godsend.

So, whether or not there is a plan and that we should or shouldn't trust it, I still believe Q to be a good thing personally. It helped me to see just how evil some of these people are.

Now, with things looking the way they are currently—Biden will be sworn in soon, Trump will be a distant memory to all but his loyal supporters—I am looking to the future and what that might entail. I still believe we live in two opposite realities. I still think we would be better off splitting the country in two, although there are arguments to consider:

  1. With a secession, would many who remained in Socialist America immigrate to Capitalist America but bring their socialist policies and ideologies with them?

  2. Would a Capitalist America make sure this doesn't occur?

  3. Would a Capitalist America of 100-150M people be strong enough economically, industrially, technologically to thrive?

  4. If Trump were to be president of Capitalist America, would he have the same bargaining power with foreign markets as he did during his USA term?

  5. Would he have the same military force and arsenal?

And so on and so forth. But to even think about these things is almost futile, as secession is nothing more than a pipe dream right now.

So why do I think things are going to be okay?

Well, unlike what the media would like you to think, there is a vast amount of people in this country that don't let the polarization directly affect their lives. At least, they keep it to a minimum.

Last night, I was all alone on the couch. The kiddo and the wife were sleeping and I was wondering what was going on with Trump. Why was he silent. The silence is really making people's minds wander. Some were reporting that he was brokering deals with Italy or signing the Insurrection Act or getting ready to send a message on the Emergency Broadcasting System since he has been locked out of all his social media accounts.

I was searching YouTube to find some credible news when I thought maybe I should just take a break from all the politics. I started searching for tech news since I like to keep up with what's going on in the tech world. I came across Louis Rossman's channel where he has a video about Apple Slaves Revolting. Talk about an eye-catching title!

I watched this video and was instantly drawn to his personality and how well he is able to argue his points. He keeps things at a personal level of perspective and from what I took is that bad things happen in the world regardless of who is or isn't in office.

Then I started browsing through his videos. Most of them are him fixing computers and phones. But he has a playlist called, "Core Philosophies and Rants." There was a video called "Insurance providers weasel out of paying business interruption claims related to coronavirus." I have recently had my bouts with insurance failing to pay me for a flooded basement, so I started watching this video with high interest.

Then, I realized something. Trump came in to try and fix a few things. I really do believe that. He tried to fix big pharma. He tried to bring jobs back to America. He tried to end corruption, but corruption is here to stay unless a miracle, more like a paradox happens. That paradox consists of all the little people in the world standing up and fighting against our rulers or oppressors or the corporations and governments and media telling what to do and how to live. So, okay, miracle one happens and there is a global agreement to take action. Then what? We all stop obeying rules, we all stop paying insurance, we all stop listening to what the media is trying to sell us? The order with which we have placed society in depends on these levels of corruption.

Insurance is a scam. I think deep down inside we all know this. I could do a similar video on charities being a scam but I think deep down inside we all know this as well. Then, I saw this video of his:

Life is not fair. Trump (in my opinyun) got cheated out of a second term. What are we going to do about it? I sat on the couch and asked myself that very question. Well, obviously I don't have the power to overturn the election. Powerful lawyers couldn't even get it to the Supreme Court, what the heck can I do? Voting doesn't seem to matter anymore if the Democrats are going to cheat. And many of my friends are liberal Democrats who embrace a Biden-Harris regime and all their wacko policies. So, if half the country is okay with this new leadership, and life must go on, I have to find my path within the forest that I am stuck.

If that means continuing to write for this new and exciting blog, I will do so. If it means something else, I will do that. But if I wallow in the unfairness of the world, it will swallow me up, and like, Mr. Rossman says, it's a crappy cycle but only you can make that first move to break the cycle. We conservatives should already know this. Fix your home before fixing others.

We got to witness one of the most influential men to ever live in our time try and combat oppression, corruption, and globalism. In the end, he failed. He did a tremendous job of slowing their progress and more importantly, he opened so many eyes and minds. But history is written by the winners and they will write of him some extremely nasty things and we supporters will be silenced by our professions and industries, our academics, our CEOs, our media, our friends and family.

Seems so unfair, right? Now what? I think we will all at some point in the not-so-distant future figure out what that means, and when we do I'm pretty sure everything will be okay.


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