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Whistleblower Interview Transcript from Lin Wood

A 191-page transcript of interview(s) for Attorney Lin Wood of whistleblower “Ryan Dark” in January 2021 has been released at Populist Press. The interview exposes Mike Pence, Rod Rosenstein, Joe Biden, amongst others. To those who follow these things, some of it has been reported previously and none of it is a surprise, but it is arguably more convincing to read a transcript.

The transcript is organized by topic with two sections that seem to be an extract (repeat)* of an earlier section:

  • Introduction

  • Background

  • Vice President Mike Pence

  • Dirty Trick Squad

  • Torture While in US Custody

  • Judge Emmet G. Sullivan

  • Vice President Joe Biden

  • Rosenstein and the Russians*

  • Rosenstein and the Death of Seth Rich*

The pdf does contain bookmarks. Each interview ends with a keyword index. Below are some of the major points from each section excluding the Introduction. Direct quotations are either in blockquotes or quotation marks, else they are summary points which are paraphrased and/or in my own words. There is always a possibility I have misread the transcript, so it is recommended one reads the interview if interested.

References are to the page number of the document shown on the top right corner of the page, not the pdf page number. Also, for any given point, the relevant text may span multiple pages, so the page number provided is merely referring to the first of those pages.


  • “Ryan White is not my birth·name, it’s the name I ended up with for safety. I have a background in physics, math, biology and chemistry, graduate degrees in those, then in the military, and then as a contractor/consultant for various intelligence agencies and think tanks throughout.” [p. 2]

  • From an Islamic friend, a doctor, the interviewee provided information regarding terrorism overseas and within the US to the DOJ from 2005, then worked with Rod Rosenstein in Baltimore in 2008. [p. 2]

  • Rosenstein was linked to “Dirty Trick Squad” which illegally spied on people. [p. 2]

  • Mike Pence involved in homosexual relationships, including underage individuals set up by Jeffery Epstein’s channels. [p. 7]

  • Epstein had set up the adoption of Chief Justice John Roberts’s children, who are not actually siblings. [p. 8]

Children are often used as the commodity, a way to buy yourself into certain inner circles. And these people are all wealthy, they’re all powerful, and they don’t trust you unless you’re as compromised as they are. So, you provide children to them, your children, adopted children, whatever.
This is how they trust you, you’re as dirty as they are. You cannot be exposed because you can’t expose them, they can’t expose you. If everybody’s just as dirty, you know you’re safe. [p. 10]
  • Roberts was part of a plot to assassinate federal judges and political figures. [p. 11]

  • The players were well-armed, and the interviewee exposed their plans to Homeland Security. [p. 13]

  • All this was planned for the first year of the Hillary Clinton presidency. “She was not supposed to lose.” The two goals were to pack the court and to ban firearms, the violence to serve as false flags. [p. 15]

  • Antonin Scalia was murdered by the same people as he had found out about their plan. Chemicals were used. Clinton and Barack Obama knew about it. [p. 15]

  • Re Seth Rich: Rosenstein hired two MS-13 men. The plan was to rob Rich and obtain his thumb drive, switching it with one that Rosenstein prepared which supposedly contained similar content but nothing which implicates Rosenstein. [p. 20]

  • Rosenstein was aware of intelligence transfer with foreign nations, something tied to the original FBI surveillance operation “Ghost Stories”. [p. 23]

Vice President Mike Pence

  • “Mike Pence, when he was in Congress he had been surveilled multiple times. He is known to be bisexual but tries to keep it hidden. He puts forth a persona of über-Christian.” [p. 2]

And then when he became governor he felt more secure to pursue his longer-term relationships. Like I said, there's one roughly 20 years his junior that was a longer-term one that he had had when he was in Congress, and then there's one that was much more sporadic, but that gentleman’s about half his age. He’s the one that introduced the younger and younger people to him. [p. 3]
  • There are videos. [p. 4]

  • Pence, Rosenstein, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney wanted to remove President Donald Trump. [p. 5]

The Russian Collusion with [Robert] Mueller and [James] Comey, who were involved in it, they were the ones getting information back and forth from various governments. They were the ones handling the information from Ghost Stories. That continued. That was them. Now, Mueller ran Ghost Stories from way back. [p. 6]
  • Interviewee made a tape intended for Devin Nunes to serve as a warning but was Matt Couch got in the way. “And once it finally got to them, they had moved on.” [p. 6]

  • Hammer, Sunrise are Sunset are software. [p. 8]

  • Hammer is related to Hammer Scorecard (used the in recent US Presidential Election). Hammer is a super-computer running out of Fort Washington with the satellite service in Baltimore. It is used to illegally access just about everything. [p. 9]

  • In 2016, Dr Molly McCauley had discovered that satellites were used to manipulate elections. [She was murdered on 8 July 2016.] “And then they lost control of that when President Trump won. So, in 2018 a lot of that had already been transferred overseas – Iran, Italy, China.” [p. 11]

  • Pence’s wife is aware of her husband’s activities, is “completely a political animal” who covers it all up for him. [p. 11]

Dirty Trick Squad

  • Rosenstein with individuals from FBI, Secret Service, DEA, amongst others, illegally spied on people like federal judges. For example, they planted child porn on a potential threat’s computer followed by blackmail. [p. 2]

  • Shaun Bridges (former Secret Service) had access to the White House, Air Force One and CIA. He is an expert with computers, e-commerce and bitcoin. He laundered the money in bitcoin. [p. 5]

  • Alan Boroshok (retired ATF) is “a nasty piece of work. He gets involved in his official capacity with the illegal gunrunning for Fast and Furious. He was the one that made sure the paperwork stayed clean and things came back in the country.” [p. 6]

  • Joseph Rosati (DEA) has many complaints from not just those arrested but his fellow DEA agents. He adds drugs in raids/stings. [p. 8]

  • Boroshok supplied the firearm used in Rich’s murder. Rosati picked up the MS-13 members from outside the city, and then got them out. [p. 10]

  • Rosati also ran scams by giving his real ID to his lookalike cousin, then max out accounts. Later, he would turn up at the bank to deny it was really him. Also, he rang people claiming he had intercepted their drug package, that he would take care of it if they pay up. [p. 13]

  • Rosati is also involved with the mafia and dealing heroine. [p. 15]

  • Shawn Henry, former FBI and now with CrowdStrike, “had no problem sending information to any foreign government that would pay”. [p. 18]

  • This group would illegally spy on their targets and the “intelligence” is then passed onto Henry and the FBI, and in turn to those who had infiltrated the groups that would carry out the assassinations of federal judges. Roberts was aware of this. [p. 18]

Torture While in US Custody

  • Although the interviewee’s work in providing information from his doctor friend was appreciated, this changed during the Obama administration in October 2009.

And they were arming terrorist groups for various reasons, allowing them to stockpile, allowing them to move money overseas to support terrorism, and I exposed it, I exposed my job, and then they came down on me. [p. 2]
  • Rosenstein sent Rosati and Gregory Utz (also DEA) to set up a drug package and arrest both the interviewee and his wife. [p. 2]

  • Package was supposedly in California but was never there. Package had no drugs in it which the police correctly logged as such at the time. [p. 4]

  • Interviewee’s firearms were confiscated and they tried to modify it in order to frame the interviewee with illegally modifying firearms. The police recorded this so that didn’t work. Boroshok then got rid of the firearms to cover up their attempt. [p. 4]

But they had me incarcerated in 2009, 2010 for seven and a half months. They starved me, they beat me. I lost 147 pounds in four and a half months, over half my body weight. Regular beatings, regular torture. They would pick me up and take me out on their authority. They would do it down the road, in the car, wherever, depending on what time they had. It got so bad that the – there were prisoners in there, and correctional officers were trying to help me survive. The warden actually stepped up and got in touch with the sheriff and said, “This can’t continue,” and on their authority they tried to get me out, but the judge was controlled. [p. 5, subsequent pages elaborate on the above.]
  • The torture was an attempt to extract what the interviewee knew and if he had made copies etc. [p. 5]

  • “I had about eight inches of intestine distended from my rectum; it prolapsed because they kicked me in the stomach so much.” [p. 9]

  • Interviewee was “basically waterboarded me with kerosene and diesel fuel”. He required reconstructive surgery. [p. 11]

  • Interviewee was deliberately locked up in a cell with a prisoner who had Mersa. [p. 12]

  • They would falsify medical records and the judge was a known pedophile who was controlled, so the interviewee’s complaints never went through. [p. 14]

  • Eventually, the compromised judge “semi-retired” and a new judge was assigned to the case. She issued a court order which reversed everything in the interviewee’s favor in August 2014. However, Rosenstein “got to her” and she reversed her order two months later. [p. 17]

  • Even after his release, he still had to work for them. Rosenstein shut down Dirty Trick Squad in 2016. This was when the interviewee submitted the evidence to Homeland Security. [p. 18]

  • Interviewee was arrested again. Due to complications concerning his medications (paid/subsidized by insurance), medications he requires from injuries during his previous incarceration, he was charged with insurance fraud. [p. 21]

  • Interviewee suspects Bridges would have copies of material that corroborates the story since the latter had access to it. His fiancée/wife at the time Ariana Esposito would have helped Bridges. [p. 23]

  • Interviewee’s wife’s daughter hasn’t spoken to them since 2009. She is an attorney, so she believes the official narrative. He requires a lot of medication. But Rosenstein cut off his medication [although the details are not clear]. Due to legal and health constraints, he is able to only do part-time jobs. [p. 26]

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan

  • Interviewee claims Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, the one involved in General Mike Flynn’s case, is a known pedophile and a “vehement racist” who don’t like black people [even though Sullivan is black]. [p. 2]

  • Sullivan abused his granddaughter. On one occasion, it was recorded on Skype since he walked in on his granddaughter’s online conversation and he didn’t know it was on. [p. 3]

  • He owned three or four homes in which abuse of children would take place, used by Biden. [p. 4]

  • Sullivan offered his own granddaughter to Biden but the latter turned it down because he is a racist and has no interest in young black girls. [p. 4]

  • In 2012, Sullivan raped his own granddaughter and another girl. The former had to go to the hospital. This was covered up by Sullivan’s son taking the fall, and Sullivan as judge was able to bury it with the help of Rosenstein, Elijah Cummings (former member of US House of Representatives, died in 2019) and Catherine Pugh, Mayor of Baltimore. [p. 5]

  • Sullivan and Eric Holder are close so interviewee claims both Holder and Obama knows the above. [p. 7]

Vice President Joe Biden

  • Joe Biden would get children as payment for various deals. He sniffs them because “he can’t wait”. [p. 2]

  • Biden also get child porn supplied to him, which Bridges “formatted” for him for easy use since Biden is not “very computer suave”. [p. 3]

  • Biden didn’t spend his nights in DC. He made use of Sullivan’s properties for his activities in Delaware. [p. 3]

  • Delaware is “one of the big pitstops” for smuggling. Many yachts are registered there and used for smuggling children to “higher-end clients” in DC. [p. 4]

  • Biden had boys but he preferred girls. He didn’t care about age range, anything from 5 to 15 years but preferred 12 or 13 years. [p. 5]

  • Mrs Biden “knew what he was like when she married him and hidden it all along.” She also “gave him access to the special children in the school that she worked at years ago.” [p. 5]

  • Beau Biden covered up a scandal in which “a doctor at the hospital with over a thousand victims”. [p. 7]

As far as Hunter’s laptop, I haven’t seen it. What I’ve been told from them was that the FBI got it originally and they immediately went through and took out anything that would implicate them or Biden or anything like that, but the one that came from the repair shop is the whole copy that’s still on there. So, the original FBI copy is not gonna match the one they’ve got now. [p. 7]

Rosenstein and the Russians

  • This short section seems to be an extract from an earlier section of the transcript.

  • Ghost Stories was a surveillance operation tracking Russian assets within the US.

It was Obama and Biden who did the Russian Reset, along with Secretary Clinton, and they didn’t want any problems with the Russians (inaudible) so they told them to cancel it. Well, they didn’t. They kept their communication open with them, it just changed. Instead of just surveillance, they started communicating, they started providing information, and initially it was wrong, but then they started giving it to them in an exchange type of situation. Then they started altering the information, giving them information, giving them inaccurate information. They were working them from the other side.
  • Rosenstein was aware of this. They offered to pay him but he refused to avoid potential scandal as he was hoping for some big appointment in 2016.

  • Bridges took the money instead. Rosenstein was not happy and sent him to jail.

Rosenstein and the Death of Seth Rich

  • This short section seems to be an extract from an earlier section of the transcript.

  • WikiLeaks helped direct Seth Rich on where to find information, who subsequently did download a lot of information.

  • DNC were obviously worried about it.

  • Rosenstein hired two MS-13 men with the intention to rob Rich and obtain his thumb drive, switching it with one that Rosenstein prepared which supposedly contained similar content but nothing which implicates Rosenstein.

  • Instead, the MS-13 men shot Rich who later died.


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