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US Army Wants More Cannon Fodder

Regardless of the intentions of Russian President Vladimir Putin concerning Ukraine, one cannot deny that the so-called deep state of the West is insanely pushing for war. The rhetoric, pointless sanctions, billions of so-called aid and weaponry intended for Ukraine, and increased military flights and troop movements (in the Pacific as well) all testify to that.

On Monday, NATO announced that it will increase its troop readiness to 300,000.

And where will these troops come from?

It probably is no mere coincidence that the US Army last week relaxed its rules regarding tattoos as well as dropped the requirement of recruits having a high school diploma.

So, Operation Cannon Fodder is a go.

And if the situation escalates to full-scale war, I would be surprised if there isn’t a draft. And to all the libtards who scream “equality”: don’t worry, women are included for Selective Service. Rah!!!


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