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Transnistria Annexation to/Unification with Russia?

There are reports (rumors?) floating around that Transnistria may be organizing a referendum on its annexation to/unification with Russia.

Well, that sentiment isn’t new exactly, but the timing of this will make the conflict more “interesting”.

Transnistria is a narrow strip between Moldova and Ukraine, having a population of about 470,000. Simply put, the Moldova government is pro-Western and Transnistria is pro-Russian. There are currently Russian soldiers acting as peacekeepers in the region, or at least that is one way to put it. There have also been reports circulating since the conflict began that in the region is an ammo depot that Ukraine is desperate to get its hands on.

As usual, time will tell.

(Institute for the Study of War, 2024)
(Institute for the Study of War, 2024)

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