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The Vaccine Death Report by David John Sorensen & Dr Vladimir Zelenko

The Vaccine Death Report by David John Sorensen and Dr Vladimir Zelenko is a 52-page report published in September 2021 that provides an overview of the under-reported vaccine deaths, amongst other things.

The Vaccine Death Report by David John Sorensen & Dr Vladimir Zelenko

Although the report focuses on the US, it does briefly look at the situations in the EU, UK, Israel and Brazil. This is covered in about the first 16 pages. The report then discusses the science behind why the vaccines are deadly and the suppression of successful treatments.

The text then concludes by discussing the purpose of the plandemic, briefly mentioning the NWO facilitated by the “criminal elite”.

The report is brief so it does not discuss the science or the conspiratorial view of history in detail. It collects and cites available material that has been covered by various websites, even at Opinyuns. References are provided as endnotes for each section. As a recent publication, it contains up-to-date material. Whilst some may prefer more detail, the report is a convenience as intended. The layout is nicely done and clean, making it an easy read.

Apart from a few minor editorial changes, the one weakness is a lack of a table of contents. The section headings are provided below and are mostly self-explanatory.

  • At Least 5 Times More Deaths

  • Moderna: 300,000 Adverse Events

  • Less Than 1% Is Being Reported

  • Reasons for Underreporting

  • Project Veritas Whistleblowers

  • Thousands of Stories

  • Vaccine Deaths Summary

  • World Experts Warn Humanity

  • Vaccine Deaths Worldwide

  • Science Proves Vaccine Damage

  • Exempt from Liability

  • Do the Injections Even Work?

  • Permanently Altered DNA

  • A Patented Transhuman

  • Dangerous Toxins

  • Dramatic Blood Changes

  • Fraud with COVID Deaths

  • Funeral Director Speaks Out

  • Only the Vaccinated Died [It should be noted that this section is not about the COVID “vaccines” but a history lesson regarding the 1918 influenza epidemic.]

  • The Real Solution: Early Treatment

  • Suppression of Treatments

  • Ultimate Mind Control

  • Monopoly: The Criminal Elite

  • New World Order

  • Who Are the Culprits?

  • Humanity, Rise Up!

  • Final Summary

Although unrelated to the above production, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend two papers that discuss the science in some detail behind these so-called vaccines. No doubt there are others but these two are written well. Although there is, as the authors admit, much uncertainty, there is much merit to their discussion, and it is the uncertainty which the lamestream narrative ignores that is part of the problem.

S. Seneff & G. Nigh, “Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19”, Vaccine Theory Prac & Res. 2021 Jun. 16;2(1):38-79,

M. Palmer & S. Bhakdi, “The Pfizer mRNA Vaccine: Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity”, Doctors for COVID Ethics, 23 July 2021,


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