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The Best Things in Life by Peter Kreeft

It is safe to assume everyone wants to have a good life and be happy. What that means exactly for each person can vary, and it can even vary for each person at different times.

The Best Things in Life by Peter Kreeft

Written in the form of a dialogue, this is a thorough examination of the subject. Kreeft’s setting: Socrates roams the campus of Desperate State University and he explores what these “best things” are with Peter Pragma and Felicia Flake. Given the location, he naturally starts with education and career choice before moving onto other things such as drugs, music, sex and love, the summum bonum (the greatest good) and the existence of objective values, amongst other things.

For those who have not ruminated (as thoroughly) on such matters, this book presents many edifying viewpoints. For those who have, this is nonetheless a very entertaining reminder.

Given the nature of the subject, the setting and characters, this book is arguably aimed at young adults or those who are approaching adulthood. Nonetheless, it is applicable to everyone and, like many of Kreeft’s books that are in Socratic dialogue, it is easily accessible to most (even to a younger audience) and fun to read whilst having the necessary logic and precision that is important in any meaningful discussion.


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