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Study: Masking Can Lead to Stillbirths, Neuron Destruction and Testicular Damage

Credit to the Daily Mail for reporting this German review article by K. Kisielinski et al titled “Possible toxicity of chronic carbon dioxide exposure associated with face mask use, particularly in pregnant women, children and adolescents – A scoping review”, published on 2 March 2023.

This review evaluated 43 publications. Most were published within the last 15 years, the oldest three dated 2005, 1979 and 1972. Some of these are animal studies, which is one of the limitations. The main text of the article is about 13 pages.

In short, wearing a mask for even a short time increases (re)inhalation of CO2, which “has the potential to exceed chronic (0.5% CO2 for 8 h) and even acute (3% CO2 for 15 min) NIOSH limits for carbon dioxide respiration”. See Table 1 reproduced below. Keep in mind that fresh air has about 0.04% of CO2.

Table 1: Experimentally measured CO2 concentrations in the inhaled air under masks.
Table 1: Experimentally measured CO2 concentrations in the inhaled air under masks.

The article discusses the effects on pregnant women and the unborn, children, neuron destruction and the male reproductive system. There is too much to repeat here, one may as well read the article, but the effects are known, at least in animals, even if the mechanisms are not entirely clear. To mention just a few examples:

  • “From decades of studies on the toxicity of carbon dioxide it is known that just 0.5% carbon dioxide for a few minutes to an hour per day is capable of inducing stillbirth and teratogenic birth defects in guinea pigs.”

  • “In rats the first signs of toxicity to pups were observed at a level of 3% carbon dioxide exposure for the pregnant dam with no signs of toxicity at 2.5% exposure. In the 3% CO2 exposure group the findings were a statistically significant mean litter proportion of post-implantation loss (resorptions occurring in the early phase of pregnancy) and a corresponding statistically significant lower mean litter proportion of viable foetuses.”

  • In a study, adolescent mice were exposed to CO2 (0.3%). The exposure period was 24 h per day for 7 weeks. These and the control group were tested in a water maze in which the mice had to swim to find a platform. The tests were conducted over 4 consecutive days. Both groups required about 40 seconds on the first day but the control group “learned to find the platform more quickly and after four days the healthy mice finally only needed 20 s to find the platform, whereas the carbon dioxide exposed mice were unable to learn the shortest way to the platform.” Also, “[h]istology tests demonstrated apoptosis of brainstem neurons in those 0.3% carbon dioxide exposed mice. This CO2-induced loss of neurons is irreversible.”

  • “The exposure of adolescent rats to a carbon dioxide level of 2.5% once for 4 h induced pathological signs of diminished fertility in rat testes.”

Given the undeniable rise in stillbirths and various issues for children during the plandemic, the authors discuss mask-wearing as a possible cause.

So one has to ask: May there be a link between an increased mask-related (pandemic) global carbon dioxide re-breathing since 2020 and the current reported disturbing 28% rise in stillbirths worldwide? In a prospective registry of 263 infants of 179 infected mothers the authors found no evidence that a SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with significant higher risk of damage to unborn life. However, current data on the Delta variant, imply a possible slightly higher risk of stillbirths (prepandemic stillbirth rate of 0.59% versus 0.98% in COVID-19–affected deliveries and 2.70% during the Delta period), but the evaluation was not able to separate SARS-CoV-2 exposure from higher mask exposure in those women. Interestingly, recent data from Australia shows that lockdown restrictions and other measures (including masks that have been mandatory in Australia), in the absence of high rates of COVID-19 disease, were associated with a significant increase in preterm stillbirths.

To be fair, there could be other causes but one wonders…

Among the few countries that do not require the wearing of masks in public is Sweden. Interestingly, despite similar pandemic measures and SARS-CoV-2 presence in the media and in the real world, no increased risk of stillbirths was observed in Sweden.

As for males:

The damaging mechanism of CO2 affecting testicular tissues is based on the conditions of oxidative stress and acidosis with increased inflammation and apoptosis as described above. Testes metabolism and cell respiration have been shown to be inhibited increasingly by rising levels of CO2. It has to be pointed out that this data on the toxicity of carbon dioxide on reproduction has been known for 60 years.

One need not be a medical professional to see that this review confirms commonsense, that prolonged mask use is generally not good for one’s health.

But there is one other implication: as already mentioned, the effects of inhalation of higher CO2 levels in animals have been known for years, even decades. It’s quite a few coincidences that the population was brainwashed or forced to wear masks which do not necessarily prevent transmission of COVID-19, kills brain cells, the unborn and, if male, balls. It is hardly hyperbole to state that mask mandates are intended to turn the population into zombies.


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