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Recent Outages and Disclosure

Given the report made by Simon Parkes that all suitcase nukes have been taken care of, it is likely that moves may be made soon by the so-called good guys. Parkes even expressed his opinion that it could be as early this week. Said moves may include interruption of broadcasting and communications, amongst other things.

Well… the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) announced the Pandora Papers (

And those who use it may have noticed that certain platforms and apps—such as Facebook, WhatsApp, amongst others—were down. As reported by S&P Global, global internet outages increased in mid-September. And on Saturday, September 25, UK’s Channel 4 and Channel 5 were down.

Coincidence? Well, coincidences happen all the time. Regarding the internet and telecommunications, there are always maintenance issues, but even I have noticed more than usual.

If these events are indeed a warm-up for the good guys, I would expect bad guys to make moves too. Are the Chinese incursions into Taiwan ADIZ related? Are the reported activities of Israel and Iran related?

I don’t know, but I recommend say your prayers and prepare for communications and supply issues in the coming weeks. In these times, it’s probably what one should be doing anyway.

And here’s a classic line from a not-so-good film that is somehow still better than the films today…


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