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NZ PM Hipkins Announces New Slogan: “Mandate Is Non-Compulsory”

Wellington, New China – Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has announced a new party slogan: MANDATE IS NON-COMPULSORY.

Regarding the vaccine mandates, Hipkins said during a press conference on Sunday, “There was no compulsory vaccination, people made their own choices.”

“I know Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said it first,” he added, “but he’s a real fag and I am a fan of real fags, so I’d thought I’d say it for New Zealand too in honor of our new slogan.”

Hipkins donned a garland for the occasion. “We are all familiar with and love ‘WAR IS PEACE’ and ‘FREEDOM IS SLAVERY’ but I just had to add ‘MANDATE IS NON-COMPULSORY’ just because I can.”

NZ PM Hipkins Announces New Slogan: “Mandate Is Non-Compulsory”

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