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Man Wonders If “Question Everything” Includes Questioning “Question Everything”

A man who wants to be an intellectual rebel wonders how far he should go.

“I can’t trust anything nowadays,” he said, “so it makes sense to be skeptical.”

However, he soon realized the difficulty of determining where to draw the line.

“I definitely can’t trust the news or Wikipedia,” he said, “but what about history and traditions? How much of that can be more-or-less accepted?

“Does ‘question everything’ includes questioning the statement ‘question everything’? If I do that, then does that mean I don’t have to question everything after all? Or do I?”

Hugh Manningham, a professor of philosophy, sheds light on the problem. “It’s simple, ‘question everything’ means that, especially if it’s history and all that religious and weird traditional stuff,” he said. “I mean, people were stupid back then, we moderns are much smarter coming up with arguments no one else has ever thought of before.”

Manningham added that contradicting everyone and even oneself is not a problem as it is a sign of “modern intellectual prowess”.


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