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Karine Jean-Pierre Seek Press Tips from Pfizer CEO

Karine Jean-Pierre Seek Press Tips from Pfizer CEO

Washington DC – On Monday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitted what a mediocre press secretary she is but that she “wants to be the best she can be”.

“So, I am seeking tips from Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla,” she said.

Referring to his “brilliant performance” last week at Davos, Switzerland, in front of journalists from Rebel News, Jean-Pierre said, “The way he said absolutely nothing and remained silent as he kept walking was masterful, I wish I’d thought of that instead going on and on like my boss…”

Jean-Pierre continued to elaborate on how difficult it was to get in touch with Bourla and that he was “reluctant to say anything over the phone” but was eventually “very helpful”. The press secretary then ended the session by refusing to answer any questions and just walked away from the podium.


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