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Interesting News from Simon Parkes

I know there are some who are skeptical of Simon Parkes but he recently released some interesting news on September 14. I have no way of proving or disproving what he said but I mention it for your consideration.

To those who follow Mr Parkes (or those who hold similar views to him), most of this is not new. The below are a few points in my own words, not direct quotations. My opinions are in square brackets [ ]. Amongst other things:

  • Good guys did not make a public move on January 6 and nothing since due to bad guys having suitcase nukes as their failsafe. All suitcase nukes have now been accounted for.

  • He cited the example of an Australian city that was recently under hard lockdown. It was the good guys who wanted it because it makes their operations easier. [More generally, this is not new. And it makes sense that good guys would take advantage of lockdowns to move around and worry less about collateral damage. Also, I am assuming he is referring to Sydney and, incidentally, I did notice more military flights than usual in recent weeks, military presence used for lockdown notwithstanding. Related?]

  • Good guys have also been clearing out tunnels. [He is presumably referring to the underground facilities used for human trafficking etc.]

  • Quantum Financial System is in play in such a way that it stops the bad guys from doing any serious manipulation or to fund big projects. Mundane day-to-day operations continue as usual.

  • No doubt some want to see moves made that can be seen by the public but pieces need to be in the right place. No point bringing down bad guys but have the same problem return in a few years. And no point fixing the US if the effort doesn’t benefit other countries as well.

  • The battle is not over. Good guys don’t want to announce plans they still need the public to wake up and do their part, as opposed to just sit and wait for the military to come in.

In another post, Mr Parkes released four documents that come from his military contact who is involved in the fight. The documents explain some history and how the US should work. It’s nothing new to those who follow this history.

The documents are admittedly not well presented but Mr Parkes defended them saying that these military men aren’t necessarily the best communicators. He stressed that the documents have been through lawyers who are more concerned about content.

The cynical and pessimistic side of me is thinking that this is too good to be true but it does fit the circumstances to some extent. The plandemic is admittedly no small matter; lockdowns have ruined or are ruining small businesses and many have died or are seriously injured due to the “vaccines”. Nonetheless, the incompetence of the bad guys is actually comical—it’s as if they are forced to follow a script that is deliberately written to make them look stupid.

If this is generally true, then my concern is that the bad guys will attempt to retaliate more desperately than ever before. One doesn’t need to watch 24 to think of suitcase nukes. If I was one of “them”, I would have something worse as a failsafe.

Time will tell.


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