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Girl Confused after Suspension for Drawing Penises Everywhere

San Francisco, CA – A student at Wakeham High School is confused after being suspended for drawing penises all over the school as well as on every page of her homework and tests. She even drew one on the blackboard while making her presentation in physics class.

Michaela, 17, insists that she is simply adhering to the school’s newest policy.

“First, they tell me that boys can identify as girls and use our toilets and change rooms,” she said. “I mean, having penises where penises were not allowed is obviously acceptable now so why aren’t I allowed to draw them everywhere? What’s the problem?”

Michaela has, however, clarified that “everywhere” is a generalization. She has, in fact, not drawn any penises in or near the boys’ toilets or the principal’s office.

“I don’t need to draw any on the principal’s door,” she said, “I heard she loves cock and there’s always one in there anyway. Maybe even someone from my class.”

Girl Confused after Suspension for Drawing Penises Everywhere

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