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Film ● Mini-Review: Survivor

Title: Survivor

Director(s): James McTeigue

Screenwriter(s): Philip Shelby

Released: 2015

Runtime: 1h 34m


● Kate Abbott (Milla Jovovich) is a Diplomatic Security Service agent working in London. Many of her friends died on 9/11. Basically, she is the “burdened by the past” trope. One day, her team is attending a birthday lunch and there is an explosion that kills them after she has walked out. The bomb can be attributed to the “Watchmaker” (Pierce Brosnan), but Abbott is obviously a suspect so she has to track down the Watchmaker and clear her name on her own.

● The premise is simple which is fine except for the glaring stupidities. For example, no one knows what the Watchmaker looks like so one would assume he must be very careful but no, he goes around shooting people in daylight. And yet, in one of the most surveilled cities on the planet, he is still not somehow seen. Abbott, being wanted and with no disguises, also moves around without too much trouble.

● There is action (can use more) and it’s shot well enough, but the abovementioned stupidities are a turn-off. It’s a wasted opportunity because it’s good to see Brosnan as the villain and Jovovich is a more-than-capable lead for an action flick.

This mini-review is part of the collection for Taken clones and derivatives.


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