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Fauci Recommends Monkeypox Vaccine Boosters, Warns of Gerbilpox

Fauci Recommends Monkeypox Vaccine Boosters, Warns of Gerbilpox

Washington DC – Dr Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, issued a statement on Sunday that everyone should get their sixth booster for monkeypox as soon as possible.

“So far, CDC has only confirmed one case of monkeypox in the US,” said Fauci, “but we can never be too safe.”

Some skeptics have labeled Fauci’s latest recommendation as “premature”.

Nonetheless, Fauci stated that just because the vaccine doesn’t even exist yet doesn’t mean one shouldn’t line up for their boosters now. “People shouldn’t worry, my good friend Bill Gates has the vaccine covered, just like for COVID. And by the way, monkeypox requires three shots so the sixth booster is actually the ninth shot overall.”

Fauci and other experts have also voiced concerns regarding the possible emergence of variants such as donkeypox and gerbilpox. They warn people to be alert for symptoms “regardless of gender, pillow-biting preferences, and their degree of affection towards gerbils”.


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