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Epidemic on Deep Space Nine, Quarantine Declared

Epidemic on Deep Space Nine, Quarantine Declared

DS9 (FNS), 46423.8 – An epidemic has been declared on DS9 in the Bajoran sector. This comes less than two months after the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor and the beginning of Federation administration of the station at the request of the Bajoran Provisional Government.

Over 60% of the station’s population is reportedly infected and quarantine procedures are in place. The cause is thought to be a virus. The initial symptom is aphasia: those infected are unable to express nor understand speech and writing. According to DS9’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Julian Bashir, “The incubation period will vary according to the individual, but the onset can be sudden. Typically, a fever develops later.”

One resident said, “I was talking with Bob about Bajoran politics. One minute he seemed normal, the next he stopped making sense. We don’t always agree, but his nonsense went too far so I knew something was up.”

Some suspect the virus originated at Quark’s establishment. “That place is sometimes like a crowded, filthy market,” said another resident, “so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some mutated strain from Cardassian voles.” But according to Starfleet maintenance personnel, they have not recently detected any voles on DS9.

Not surprisingly, there are conspiracy theorists at times like these. “Viruses don’t just appear,” said a Bajoran officer, “so why aren’t we talking about the effects of the station’s power grid or food replicators on our health?!—this station is basically a mishmash of Cardassian, Federation and Bajoran technology. Even our Chief of Operations has trouble fixing this hole.”

There indeed seems to be some support for that suspicion. Another Bajoran officer, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said, “It’s those damn spoonheads. We found a device attached to one of the replicator’s pattern generator. It bypasses the bio-filters and builds the virus into the food. The device’s power source contains a diboridium core. That’s Cardassian technology.” However, no other Federation or Bajoran officer has confirmed this.

Meanwhile, some residents are more concerned with their personal situations. Essential services were still permitted to operate initially when “precautionary” quarantine procedures were in place before Commander Benjamin Sisko upgraded the quarantine to “standard”. “I know some people think I did it,” said Quark, “but why would I poison my customers? I just want to keep my business going.”

Freighter Captain Jaheel agrees. “I’ve got a shipment of Tamen Sasheer to deliver to Largo V and I needed to leave like three days ago. When that stuff goes bad, you’ll get a real epidemic.”

Some have named the yet-to-be-identified virus BABEL-69.


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