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China Building Fourth Aircraft Carrier

Type 003 Fujian  (Photo: CCTV, 2024)
Type 003 Fujian (Photo: CCTV, 2024)

China has in effect confirmed that they are building their fourth aircraft carrier, possibly nuclear-powered. The Type 003 Fujian, launched in June 2022, is well on the way. If it isn’t undergoing sea trials now, it will no doubt do so soon. The Type 001 Liaoning and Type 002 Shandong are already in active service.

Whilst operating carriers is another matter, China’s pace of development and construction is impressive considering they completed the Kuznetsov-class hull as the Liaoning in 2011 and commissioned it in 2012.

In short, China is able to push carriers out like sausages out of a sausage machine whilst almost everyone else is doing sweet not much.

For example, the US and some European countries have been shoving shells over to Ukraine without being able to replenish their stockpile whilst Russia is upping their production rate. Remember when lamestream media was stating that Russia is running out of ammo? I suspect the only thing Russia might be running out of is their old stockpile that’s about to expire. And patience with the West.

More pertinent to naval power, the US is struggling to construct more attack subs and Australia, under the AUKUS deal, probably won’t even get a sub until sometime next century. Maybe. I am not even certain if they know what they want to do.

Meanwhile, the West is still throwing money into some Ukrainian bank accounts or the fireplace. The number is over €250 billion.

Where do I even start? is a question I ask myself with increasing frequency.

Let’s set aside that “they” want to start WWIII as part of their stupid world domination plan. Related to that, also set aside that most if not all wars being fought or fomented are unnecessary (whilst necessary wars are deliberately not fought).

Chinese and Russian production capabilities do prove that when someone wants to do something, it gets done.

Money is supposed to represent human effort, not to limit it.

Politics—that is, policies—are meant to facilitate order, not a means to play games for selfish gain.

Bureaucracy is meant to facilitate and streamline procedures and discipline, not limit capabilities.

These few examples are just the latest on the list of proof that today’s Apostate Christian West are retards. It’s no surprise that some prophecies hint that the conflict will initially be in the favor of Russia.


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