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Boy Suspended for Confusing CRT with CVT

Charlotte, NC – A sixth-grade student has been suspended for confusing Critical Race Theory (CRT) with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Honda CVT

Billy, 12, was asked to write about CRT for his homework assignment but instead submitted a short essay about CVT.

“I’m sure I typed in ‘CRT’ correctly, at least at first,” said Billy. “But the definitions I got from the web weren’t very clear. And it varies from one source to another. One source even admitted to having no solid definition.”

Billy claims he probably typed in V instead of R as he continued searching for useful information. “Later, the information got better, so I was able to do my assignment.”

Asked if he thought the suspension was too harsh, Billy responded, “Yes. Because I don’t see a problem since there’s a lot of similarity between the two… I mean, with the CVT, the ratio changes as needed. Like an auto transmission, it kicks down when you step on it; the more throttle you give it, the more the input sheave widens. It’s kinda clever, that the drive belt is flexible and that no matter how it changes, it’s the same thing going around in circles.”


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