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Booster Mandates! Rah!

No doubt for some it was merely a “conspiracy theory” that there would be vaccine mandates. And even if there are, there will never be mandates for boosters.

Oh wait.

Places like the state of Western Australia and the county of Santa Clara have announced booster mandates for certain groups of workers such as those in healthcare.

Interestingly, these officials do not seem to be taking “medical advice” from, for example, the likes of Professor Anatoly Altshtein who reportedly said:

“…we already see Omicron has many mutations, more than Delta. More than thirty in a single gene of its spike protein. This is too many, and it means the virus has an unstable genome. As a rule, this sort of infectious agent becomes less dangerous, because evolutionarily, an overwhelming number of mutations leads to a weakening of the virus’s ability to cause disease.”

Also, according to an analysis by UKHSA which admittedly has some uncertainty due to the low number of cases:

An individual with Omicron is estimated to be between 31 and 45% less likely to attend A&E compared to Delta, and 50 to 70% less likely to be admitted to hospital.
Vaccine efficacy analysis continues to show lower effectiveness for symptomatic Omicron disease. There is evidence that protection against symptomatic disease wanes after the second dose of vaccine, and then improves after the booster. But the latest data suggests this extra protection starts to wane more rapidly, being about 15 to 25% lower from 10 weeks after the booster dose.

Right. Let’s impose a booster mandate for a strain that is weak using a so-called vaccine that won’t work for long (assuming that it works in the first place).

Note to self: Add another item on to the list of indictments.

In other news, researchers from Tel Aviv University led by Professor Alexander Golberg have discovered that ulvan, an extract from the marine algae Ulva, has the potential to prevent COVID-19 infection.

The cells were exposed to both the coronavirus and the ulvan. It was found that, in the presence of ulvan, the coronavirus did not infect the cells. As opposed to extracts from other algae tested, the substance demonstrated success in preventing coronavirus infection.

Setting aside the reference to the film Soylent Green, I can see lamestream media writing a hit piece on how only fish and Japanese people eat seaweed or something stupid like that.


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