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Asian Man “Racist” for Only Buying White Bread

San Francisco, CA – An Asian man has been called out for being a racist at the supermarket he frequents.

According to staff members, Jason Wong, 35, buys only white bread.

“He’s never bought multi-grain let alone the darker wholemeal variety,” said Lindsay, manager of the supermarket’s bakery. “I might have seen him buy a loaf with seeds once but that was still white bread.”

“He’s such a stereotypical Asian man,” said another member of the bakery. “He probably only goes for Asian women or white blue-eyed blondes.”

Wong, however, has denied all accusations of racism. “It’s just a matter of taste,” he said, “and, for me at least, I feel like the darker grains with all those seeds and stuff might lead to more choking incidents.”

He added that he “doesn’t really mind” when it comes to women. “I like my women like my coffee,” he said, “so flat white is fine but I don’t mind black and strong, maybe with a dash of cream to take the edge off.”

The supermarket has not responded to requests for Wong’s entire history of purchases recorded on the self-checkout system. Instead, their marketing department is considering reducing its output of white breads.


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